About Chef Laurent Quenioux

Chef Laurent Quenioux is a renowned French-born chef and restaurateur based in Los Angeles who is well known for his unique approach to modern French cuisine and his use of locally-sourced ingredients. He creates a unique menu incorporating seasonal elements, unexpected flavor combinations, and a mix of traditional and contemporary French techniques. He regularly showcases his culinary skills and introduces patrons to new and exciting dishes through his supper club events. His dinners are typically hosted in various locations, such as private homes, wineries, or other unique venues, adding to the exclusive and intimate experience of the event.

Bistro LQ Supper Club is both a culinary experience and a social one, as guests can interact with the chef, ask questions, and share their thoughts on the dishes. They are also an excellent opportunity for wine lovers, as Chef Quenioux often pairs his dishes with carefully selected wines.

In addition, Chef Laurent Quenioux offers a variety of ready-to-prepare boxes along with his high-quality artisanal cheeses sourced from France that can be ordered online and delivered to your door. Curated by Chef Quenioux himself, they are a great way to experience Bistro LQ at home.

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