Try the Best Cheese Cart in L.A. (Maybe Even the Country)

January 2016

Try the Best Cheese Cart in L.A. (Maybe Even the Country) at Taix This Weekend
Chef Laurent Quenioux is popping up in Echo Park with a six-course dinner and some seriously spectacular cheese

January 6, 2016 Valentina Silva Chefs and Restaurateurs, Dining, Food 0 Comments

When it comes to his famous cheese cart, chef Laurent Quenioux doesn’t pull any false modesty. “We have the best cheese cart in the country,” he says, backing up the assertion with facts that are sure to excite those who get excited about such things—overall, the selection, which changes with the seasons and availability, showcases around 50 different varieties, 40 of which are raw milk cheeses from France and around ten that are produced by artisanal makers in the U.S.

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London 2013 Recap: Huffington Post UK

November 2013


Pop up restaurants have been an integral part of the London food scene for several years now and the trend sees no sign of abating. They haven’t, however, been seen as much outside of the capital. Chateau Marmot, the brainchild of Theo Cooper and Danielle Treanor…

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London 2013 Recap: We Love Food

November 2013


…For Laurent Quenioux is one of the world’s most exciting pop-up chefs and was over in London for his debut performance. A couple of years back Laurent left a permanent chef’s role to become LA’s favourite roaming pop-up pioneer. Mixing unusual venues (the rooftop at Barney’s) and imaginative food (nine course cannabis-tasting menu anyone?) he perfectly captured that Californian spirit of adventure. All this off-the-wall inventiveness and experimentation from a French classically trained Michelin starred chef, who’d have thought it?

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London 2013 Recap: More Gorgeous

November 2013


To eat the most exciting food at the best prices, sometimes a little tramping of the streets is required, down cobbled streets and through industrial archways. Thus we found ourselves in East London, on the hunt for a Marmot hidden behind a man with a clipboard under a violet street light…

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Bistro LQ makes its London Debut at Chateau Marmot!

September 2013


London diners are in for a wild ride! For eight nights only in November, LQ Foodings in London will feature Chef Laurent and his team of chefs creating a stunning six-course tasting menu. A brunch tasting menu with Chef Ramael Scully of Ottolenghi/NOPI will be part of this amazing event.

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VIDEO: BistroLQ and Starry Kitchen: 4.20 Weed+Chinese Herb Dinner

August 2013

We absolutely love this video by RAUSHAUS | tv of our underground pop-up dinner! Enjoy.




November 2012


In this, our first-ever Top Chef Challenge, five of the region’s exceptional culinary talents go taste for taste in the kitchen! For this one-day competition, we asked each chef – chosen for their creative, satisfying approaches to cuisine—to put a seasonal spin on one of their signature dishes. The results were judged by three local stars of the food world…

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LQ+SK 420 Weed and Herb Dinner


April 20, 2012 | kevinEats

When we last caught up with Laurent Quenioux, he was hosting a series of pop-up dinners at Starry Kitchen, in addition to helming the stoves over at Vertical Wine Bistro in Pasadena. Since then, the LQ@SK run has come to an end, and to cap off that collaboration, Quenioux has teamed up with SK’s Thi Tran to cook a couple of Cannabis-inspired dinners. The first took place on April 1st, with this second iteration occurring on the very appropriate date of 4/20…

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Counter Intelligence: A marijuana-infused meal? Well…

April 7, 2012 | By Jonathan Gold | LA Times

When Nguyen Tran emailed to tell me about an extravaganza he was setting up at an acquaintance’s house, a special herb dinner in which each of the many courses would involve fresh marijuana, I did not necessarily beg to be included in the feast. The first time I met Tran, on a social-media panel somewhere, he happened to be wearing a banana suit…

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November 23, 2011 | Noah Allison | Good Food Preservation

My first experience with Chef Laurent Quenioux’s food was at Bistro LQ a little over a year ago. The food I had that night made a lasting impression and is something that I still talk about to this day. One dish in particular that stands out in my mind- sea urchin blanketed on top of plump pieces seared foie gras…

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