Chef Quenioux works with Pascale, our fromager located in the Loire Valley, to serve you the best cheese available. Together, they nurture and refine the LQ Cheese Cart to the demanding standards of Chef Quenioux. Cheeses are flown to Los Angeles by special order twice a week.

Our selection is also based on the seasons. Cows, sheep and goats eat fresh grass in the summer and dry grass in the winter, so the quality of milk and cheese fluctuates. Production also slows down during the spring when many of these animals are having babies. Pascale takes Mother Nature into consideration when she is determining the best cheese for LQ’s menus and events.

Finally, Chef Quenioux is an advocate of non-pasteurized cheese (90% of our cheeses are “lait cru” non-pasteurized) will serve these products to his guests. The LQ Cheese Cart are presented with the condiments below with a selection of 25-50 cheeses from France and around the world. From Reblochon to Maroilles, we have it!

The Condiments

  • The Whole Cart $120.00
  • 7 Cheeses $30.00
  • 5 Cheeses $23.00
  • 3 Cheeses $15.00