Wishing you the best for 2017.

December 29th was the last Popup @MaMaison for 2016. Here at LQ we are so happy to put 2016 behind and certainly hope that 2017 will be less fraught. We certainly hope we can still smuggle our raw milk cheeses from Europe, worry about getting some awesome ingredients from all over the world without paying additional taxes and tariff on goods that will impede our creativity to deliver the most amazing experiences for which we are well known. But new exciting ideas will be coming to fruition in the coming year -“the restaurant experience in the garden” is planned for the summer, where individual tables will be available at different times to allow guests to enjoy a more intimate experience of our menus, and more like a restaurant in feel. Also more events will be scheduled on regular monthly basis, allowing you to book and plan further in advance. There will also be more Fooding events (our 6 course dinner) and fewer of the @MaMaison (10 course) events. We will also highlight seasonal ingredients by creating a menu around that seasonal ingredient! (e.g Morels, white asparagus, Wild salmon, and many more), and last, but not least, we will take @MaMaison on the road after the summer of 2017! We look forward to sharing great food and wine with you again!