Getting married at LQ @MaMaison? yes of course!

December 16th was a beautiful day @MaMaison. A young couple decided to host their Wedding reception in the garden…..
It was booked many months in advance, during the summer, and we did not anticipate that it would be rainy, and the coldest day of the year so far. We of course used our magic to deliver an incredible experience under the stars, and it was stunning! 10 courses and 9 wines later and a new challenge – opening up future large group buy-outs for a phenomenal food and wine experience!
It is never easy for chefs to create menus and execute tasting menus for events of this kind of scale, for LQ especially. A small gathering is usually the easiest way to enjoy well crafted seasonal dishes and ‘scaling up’ presents some formidable challenges! That is why most high end restaurants have very limited seatings, especially in Europe. Feel free to share your thoughts this topic with us!